May 5, 2020

Buddi Launches Free Cannabis Click & Collect Payments & Delivery in Ontario

Ryan Lalonde profile image
Ryan Lalonde

Buddi, a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC, and the Canadian leader in cannabis\ menu services, is pleased to announce the release of cannabis click & collect payments and\ cannabis delivery services in Ontario. The services will be made available Canada-wide as\ permitted by provincial regulatory bodies.

“The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario was quick to adjust regulations to\ allow online payments and delivery in response to COVID-19. We made it our top priority\ to ensure our existing and new clients can adjust to the new reality, which is that their\ businesses will begin to rely heavily on online ordering. Online ordering is definitely the\ new normal.” – Ryan Lalonde, CEO of Buddi

Buddi has partnered with payment processing companies Merrco and Moneris, who service a\ large majority of the Canadian cannabis industry, to allow retailers who are using either\ payment gateway to utilize Buddi Click & Collect payments. Buddi also partnered with cannabis\ logistics firm Cannalogic to enable retailers to offer and manage their delivery services.

\ Buddi Click & Collect menus can be embedded within any website so that retailers can sell\ directly to their customers without customers having to go to marketplace sites that also\ promote competitors. The system integrates with leading cannabis POS solutions, such as\ Cova, Greenline POS, TechPOS, Shopify, and Profitek.

“Many people are surprised to learn that our solutions are free, and it’s because of our\ unique business model that is based on advertising or analytic insights for licensed\ producers. Ultimately, this allows the solution to be entirely free for retailers, helps them\ sell more, and leads to them getting better quality products and customer service from\ their LP vendors – it’s a win-win.”

Companies such as J. Supply Co., with stores in London and Windsor Ontario, have already\ begun utilizing the service:

“We’ve been working with Buddi since the inception of our business, and love that Buddi\ continues to adapt to changing regulations to help our business thrive. Online payments\ and delivery were a necessity to continue operations in Ontario, and the solutions have\ been exactly what we needed.” – Stephen Keating, Founder and COO, J. Supply Co.

Buddi’s suite of cannabis retailer technologies include in-store interactive tablet menus, ordering\ kiosks, education systems, delivery, and online menu and click & collect services.

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